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Hello! I'm Steph :) I used to have interests but I think I'm pretty much just a dog blog with a few jokes at this point.

Alright so I wanted to write up a friend thing like a couple of my friends did… I guess I feel like mine will be different because I don’t have a lot to talk about except for friends so… I’ll get into it.

I ramble a lot, sorry, but if you’re one of my friends maybe you can just read your bit.

I’m going to start with my earliest friends because I feel like talking about them but I promise primary school stuff will be brief.

So when I started kinder I’d just moved and I’d been really scared at every other kinder I’d ever been to and I was not looking forward to it. I made a friend there, her name was Kaitlin. I still know how to spell her name because I remember her spelling it to me so many times, I say it in my head when I do it. We went to primary school together and we used to spend all our time together. People used to ask if we were twins :P But I was a pretty hopeless kid socially and I never actually made any new friends while she was pretty damn good at making friends and had loads of friends. I used to just tag along everywhere so by the second half of primary school I settled into being the quiet kid who was friends with Katie and was kind of smart. I kind of made friends in grade 6 but to be honest no one was very nice to me because I was such a pushover, I got excluded all the time. I remember at one of my birthday parties my ‘friends’ were leaving me out of games they were playing.

So then high school was happening and I was really excited but also really scared because I had to meet new people and I was bad at it. I was quiet and shy. If you know me know you’re probably yelling “bullshit!” at this point but for real, my parents thought I was a really quiet introverted kid, everyone did. I thought I was.

But then I made friends, on my first day I met Sarah (I followed her into the wrong class once :/) I quickly made friends with Maddi too because she was in my peer support group.  And then our whole class got to know each other and it was really great basically.

It was around this time that Maddi, Alex, Ruby, Lucy and I became really good friends. I became especially good friends with Ruby because we swam together. She was so much more confident than me. I remember being so jealous and scared and hoping so hard that she would be my friend because she was so cool. Alex was so independent which I couldn’t understand at all. I could never do things on my own and often still can’t and I admired her so much for it. Maddi, I don’t even know how to describe. She made me feel safe and feeling like that was like the best thing in the world. Lucy was just incredibly smart and she always complimented people and made others feel good and it worked :) I always felt good around her.

So then school happened and we all hung out and were generally silly and amazing because we are the best. I didn’t really feel close to the people around me anymore. I felt like I lost my friends kind of… I think I would probably put it down to things happening in other peoples lives. Ruby explained everything that went on with her. Lucy went through a lot, I won’t talk about it because I don’t have her permission but she’s had to face a lot. Maddi had stuff going on with family/bf. And Alex seemed to be able to relate to it all or just get past it. I didn’t. I felt disconnected and unwanted and it was pretty shit honestly but I wasn’t going through any of the stuff the others were so I didn’t feel entitled to feel that way? I guess it sounds kind of silly but that’s how I felt and I still feel like that a lot of the time.

We had different classes over the next couple of years so I felt like I was further from Alex and Maddi than ever but I guess I somehow kept being close with Ruby. We just acted really dumb with each other all the time. She got closer with Maddi and Alex too which I was really jealous of. I felt for a while like I actually couldn’t be friends with more than one person at a time because I just didn’t feel close to the others at all. It was pretty dumb but yeah.

Then Homestuck happened. Which was kind of huge for me even before MelbSPA because it made me feel closer to Alex because she read it all before me and then Ruby read it too and we talked about it and read of some of it together and Maddi eventually caved and started reading it too. It was pretty great having that yeah. Then Ruby and I got the idea to have a meet in Melbourne and planned it for months at school and in the holidays we picked a date and made the post and we basically just hoped that a couple of people would come…

And then MelbSPA happened. Jen was actually the first person to talk to me about. I was so intimidated omg, it wasn’t anyone being angry at me or anything but I felt like I’d done something dumb by making a gathering before knowing about anything but everyone was so nice. Zach talked to me a lot the first day I found out about it and yeah he was really great and invited me to the IRC which I am incredibly grateful for because I don’t think I would have ever gone on there if he hadn’t asked me to. 

Things from then for the next couple of months were absolutely nuts. I wanted to be liked really badly so I talked to people whenever I could and Ruby and I did some crazy crafts and stuff for the gathering. So yeah that was awesome.

This has somehow turned into my life story but oh well it’s nice writing stuff. Now I will move to the friend talking about section of the post. In order of whoever the hell I want to talk about.

Maddi: was the first person I met when I went to high school and she was really nice to me and included me and made me feel at home. We used to do a lot of really dumb stuff together like one time making biscuits without a recipe and using jam and sugar and other weird stuff and they ended up rubbery and pink haha. I talk to her in the study room when we have frees together and she’s really great to talk to and just an amazing friend.

Alex: I took a while to be friends with Alex and I don’t know why… But I remember spending all of our time talking to each other on msn in the holidays. There was one time when video hits had a Celine Dion special and then there was some Celine Dion show on and we were going nuts. And seventh heaven was on all the time. And the koi fish background and when we discovered voice calling. And we used to talk about anime a lot, especially when FMA ended. We were super cool twitterers and facebookers and stuff too and had blog. We were the coolest. Good times. OH also that time we were engaged for a really long time. That happened.

Ruby: I’m putting you here because you fit with these people so yep. You’re kind of my best friend I guess. I don’t like picking best friends but I’ve been friends with you for a million years and there’s so many things we’ve done together and yeah. I feel like I can talk to you about anything anytime and it’s pretty great. We have had a lot of good times man, a lot. We used to climb on your roof and we had swimming meets and cosplaying for the first time and not actually sleeping. There was your 16th birthday when we had your party and then I went with you when you got your Ls and then stayed at your house again and then we went to the lavender farm and the lake. I really love talking to you and I think we help each other out a lot and our friendship is really something I value.

Various MelbSpa people who I don’t talk to often anymore: When I first came to the IRC I was scared I wouldn’t fit in and that because you were such a tight community I wouldn’t make any friends. Kuna, Jory, Rach, Darcy, Hugh, Alan, May, Josh, Katie… rfbjd I’ve probably forgotten some people, you always made me feel welcome. There was this amazing time before the first meet I went to when I could go onto the IRC and say “PICNIC!” and everyone would reply with the same because we were all so excited for it and it was just really nice. I actually really miss you guys. We should talk sometime.

Chris: I think you were my first close friend in MelbSPA. Sometimes I think we actually just have one brain and just think we’re different people because the way you think is so similar to how I do. I think having such similar thought processes made it really easy to talk to you so I did all the time and I say stuff to you that I don’t feel like I can say to other people, maybe sometimes I said dumb stuff I probably shouldn’t have so sorry for that. You’re just a great guy and make me feel better and give great advice without making me feel dumb or anything.

Tara: I think the first thing I ever thought about you was that you were super cool because you like Veronica Mars and it’s a show I think is amazing and none of my friends watch it. I was really nervous before the first time I met you that you wouldn’t like me but you were really easy to talk to and I had such a great time with you that day. I kind of… forgot you existed for the first little while you were in Japan for but when you started coming on the IRC and talking to me and then I got your number off you, which was hilarious because you didn’t remember it I was pretty much decided that I wanted to be friends with you forever and ever. I was really excited to see you at karaoke and then we couldn’t really talk and we kind of awkwardly hugged and yeah, that was awkward but thank goodness we got past it because you’re one of my best friends now. I will never ever forget going to your house that weekend when I broke my phone, the time there was a festival and we just went and you got bubbles and the possum, the time we were lying upside down on a hill watching fireworks, we have had some amazing times. I really love talking to you and texting you and you’re pretty much the only person I can text without feeling hugely annoying and boring and it’s so nice to just be able to have a conversation about nothing and also about things that are going on in my life, to be able to talk to you about anything and get great advice that’s reasonable and intelligent even if it’s something I’m doing dumbly and need to change. You’re great, my friend ;P

Jim: I met you on picnic day and it was actually the first time I’d spoken to you because you wenen’t on the IRC so I was really confused. I think I was in a tree when we were introduced and then you kind of flew up the tree to a million branches above me and I was really scared that you would fall to your death. I think through the whole day I told you not to die about a billion times. So yeah none of my friends would climb trees with me so I followed you to the next tree and Tara took a super awesome polaroid photo so I remember that moment, I was not very well balanced in the tree. Then the day was amazing and I followed you around because I am for real a puppy and we fed ducks and saw eels and turtles and climbed more trees and I spent all of the time trying to convince you (and others) to come to Bendigo. Oh and I made you get into a cardboard house, that was pretty fun :P And I remember getting back to Bendigo and being really tired and going on the computer and seeing that you’d friend requested me on facebook and being like “OMG I HAVE MADE A FRIEND I AM SO HAPPY” because I am the super coolest of kids. And then all sorts of cool friendship happened. I guess I should mention that time I had a super huge crush on you and yep… that happened. But yeah, I’m glad we’re still friends and actually I think we’re way closer than we were before. I had such a great time at your place in the holidays being official skyrim helper and generally rolling around being silly. Thanks for being a super cool guy.

Jen: I met you on the same picnic day but DIDN’T TALK TO YOU. Which is really dumb but we didn’t know each other at all. I think I first kind of made friends with you at May’s place and then when you came to mine we hung out and it was pretty great. After the skype stuff happened we pretty much became bros for life and also yuris and you’re actually an amazing friend Jen. I can talk to you about school or whatever I’ve been doing lately and you’re just really fun to talk to and I think we are hilarious even if some people *cough*conor*cough* don’t always agree. YURIS4LIFE.

Conor: I met you wayyyy later than the other and the day I met you I didn’t really notice you were there for ages and then I was sitting near you at the end of the day and was like woah who’s this guy but I said it in my head. I thought you were pretty cool man, like, I don’t remember what you were saying but I remember thinking we should be friends. And then you left and I had to ask what your name was so I didn’t feel dumb later :P And then one time when I was staying at Tara’s we were on the same train and we were talking about making the skype group and I think that’s when we really started being friends. Now you’re a really good friend of mine and although a lot of the time we tease each other and beat each other up you’re really caring and I feel like I can talk to you when I feel like shit or need help with something or just want to talk coz I’m really bored. 

Zak: I met Zak pretty recently but I just had a really great time hanging out with him. At Jim’s on the holidays I think we became friends when we had a !?!?!?BeD~pArTy!?!? and stayed in bed all day and sent people to being us maccas :P And every other time I’ve hung out with you it’s been great and fun so I think you’re a super cool guy even if I don’t know you that well.

 I don’t think I’ve accurately portrayed how much you all mean to me and how amazing it is being friends with you. Thanks everyone for being so amazing and sticking by me even though I can be a really annoying and ridiculous and stuff, I applaud your patience. I think we should all talk more even though we already talk a lot. I might even text you all tomorrow because I like to text. 

ps. Jim and Tara, remember that time I made you texting club membership cards? oh yeah super cool :P